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i.am the writer, author, and publisher of entercourse which will be released in a 3 part trilogy. entercourse anytime anyplace is the 1st book up filled with short stories that will make you beg for more. you just have to have one. Right now you can only have one. This one might make you moist. Thats all i can tell you. after the 1st chapter ... dont say i didnt warn you. You may contact me at [email protected] if you wish to learn more about my style, inspirations or if you have any questions about my works.


For 10 mins nothing else mattered. Then I felt the throb of an oncoming nut, she could feel it to because she told me in no uncertain terms, you better not stop!! Keep going!!! She came first by only a few second and my load was in her shortly after, the rain was coming down and I couldn’t stop it, just like I couldn’t stop her from coming or myself, we kept going for 5 more mins soaked and wet. I was still hard. She pulled forward and off of me, turned and said hello for the first time. We laughed!! She was sitting inside her rental looking up at me. So close to my dick she could put her tongue on it. She wanted to And I would let her. But not out here. We went back to my room, she told me she had just come out here on a whim to see me, and she was headed back to New York on the red eye ....


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